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I have lost my copy of “The X Plan Diet” and the “X Diet Cook Book” and am def in dire need to read them again!

Please advise where I can get a copy or whether you have them. I live in Cape Town


Thanks so much for your enquiry.

I’m afraid I can’t really help you right at this moment. The publishers no longer have a copy of the books on their computers, and I only have hard copies…we have been typing them out(!), and formatting them for e-publication, but this is taking much more time than any of us had expected…! If you keep checking the site, we will have the e-copies available for you to purchase online within the next few weeks. Otherwise, if you’re in more of a hurry, contact your local library or second-hand book store – there are several floating around!

Also, see our shop area where you can buy recipes individually.


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