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Tabitha’s New eBook Available for Online Purchase!

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What Is Insulin Resistance?

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Can’t believe it

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Dear Tabitha,
If anyone had told me 4 weeks ago I would be really beginning to
live again I would have smiled nicely and thought to myself that’s
how little they understand of my 26 years of living hell due to a
very severe eating disorder. The disorder which has completely
taken control of my life and from I cannot no matter how hard I
try break free from.
However, yes, you have made this happen. Life is great and boy am
I having fun. Free and light and best of all NOT being ruled by
one of the cruelst disorders in the world.
This obviously leads me to the question of WHY has it taken 26
years of unsuccessful horrendous experiences in psychiatric
hospitals, unsuccessful psychiatric treatment and experiences with
anti-depressants which have left me in a state of sheer
desperation to find someone like you ? The answer is simple. Your
unique innovative approach, in depth scientific research , support
, encouragement , empathy, understanding and best of all your
passion for your work is like a breath of fresh air for someone
like me who has been desperately searching for a human,
intelligent approach to eating disorders NOT the tried and tested
unsuccessful humiliating treatment that is available in this

Fat Free Eating
Glycaemic Index
Low GI’s
High GI’s
Evening Primrose Oil
Salmon Oil
Woman and Food and Depression
X-Diet Cook Book

What did these terms mean in my life . Nothing.

Yes I was undergoing psychotherapy.
Yes I saw my GP on a fairly regular basis.
But NO I was not regularly attending a Nutrionalist.
And I was definitely NOT taking anti-depressants.
Or have someone to teach me coping tools to deal with BAD meal
Breakfast every morning, forget it.

Yet in a very , very short space of time you have taught me the
importance of, the benefits of  and the meaning of:
Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors / Depression / Eating
The benefits of SSRI’s
GI Index and the importance of low GI’s .
Nutrional education
Fat free eating in conjunction with low GI’s , balanced tasty
exciting meals.
The X-diet
Evening Primrose/ Salmon Oil supplements
With the highlight being your scientific research which is
brilliantly presented  in your book Woman and Food and Depression.
All of a sudden the mysteries of the past 26 years began to make
sense. There were my frustrations and desperation expalined to me
in an intelligent and comprehensible way. At last it all made

I know have all the pieces of the puzzle to ensure that the
holistic approach to the treatment which you highly recommend are
in place.
My anti-depressants, psychotherapy and regular appointments with
you together with my heathly nutrious eating plan
have given me back my life. Who would have thought 4 weeks ago
I would be eagerly awaiting your new meal recipes,
enjoying breakfast every morning, having great fun planning and
best of all preparing and cooking tasty exciting meals, taking her
daily dose of Prozac. Listening to CD’s and living again.

Your research and treatment have truelly saved my life and brought
peace and happiness not just to myself but to my wonderful
supportive family and close friends.

I wish you every success with your cuurent and future scientific
research knowing that many more lives will benefit from this.

J.B. Johannesburg

List your restaurant on our site

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Dear Restaurant Owner/ Manager



Tabitha Hume, registered clinical dietician, is re-launching her website  As part of the information she provides to the public regarding treatment of Syndrome X and Insulin Resistance, she is looking to restaurants that she can recommend people to visit, that specifically offer a range of dishes that are Lower GI and Lower Fat.


If you are interested in having your restaurant listed for free please contact Tabitha on indicating which option applies to you:


Option 1


I already know which of my meals are lower GI and less than 10g fat per 100g serving. Herewith attached is a Jpeg that is 300 x 188 pixels in size including my restaurants logo, the specific dishes that comply, as well as the link through to the address(es) of stores that offer these dishes.  Please see for an example of this.


Option 2 – Cost of R400 once off fee per recipe


I am interested in being recognised as a restaurant that provides a healthy alternative to my patrons, but I’m not sure which of my dishes would be suitable. Attached are one/ two/ three dishes I feel may be suitable and I would like Tabitha Hume to undertake a basic assessment based on the full recipe I have included. I understand that by providing this recipe Tabitha will not exploit the intellectual property in anyway. The information will be used only to perform the analysis for possible inclusion in the website. I understand that adjustments made by Tabitha must be adhered to strictly for representation on her website for free.


Option 3 – Cost R400 or R200 once off fee per recipe


I am interested in being recognised as a restaurant that provides a healthy alternative to my patrons, but I would like Tabitha to send me one/ two/ three recipes for dishes that would fit into my restaurant’s menu theme. I understand that this will cost R400 per recipe, or R200 per recipe if the dish is listed on my menu as “Tabitha Hume’s Lower Fat, Lower GI Spaghetti Bolognaise”, for instance. Included in this e-mail are my contact details and my restaurant’s current menu and I expect a call from Tabitha to arrange a meeting in which we can implement this addition.


Bank details for payment will be provided on receipt of your positive reply.



We look forward to working with you.




Tabitha Hume Wellness Team

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