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Dear Tabitha

I’m a 36-year old woman, height 1.67m, weight 65kg from Paarl (Cape Town). I don’t have any health problems, except that my bad cholesterol is a little high. I read the x-diet book and that was a real eye-opener for me! I’ve started on this healthy eating plan about 3 weeks ago and all the recipes in the x-diet cookbook are so delicious, I’m eating even more than before – LOVE the chocolate brownies, have a slice every day! In 3 weeks time I’ve managed to bring down my waist size from 92 cm to 82 cm. I don’t know what I weigh now, but I’m not interested! I feeling so energetic and healthy that I exercise 5 days a week for 1 hour. I never feel deprived of anything, instead my husband and I don’t fancy eating out anymore because we don’t know what hidden bad fats there are in restaurant food. For him your food is marvelous and might I add – he’s a fussy eater, not into health stuff at all! Now he doesn’t have a choice (because of his cholesterol), but no need for me to beg him to eat healthy any more! Will keep you posted on his progress, his waist size must drop allot! (from 112 cm to about 96cm).

I will recommend this diet to anyone, you’ve got nothing to lose (except cm) and you will never feel hungry again. You can have your pudding and eat it too 🙂 Size matters, not weight!

All the best for 2011.
Carmen van Heerden

Hello Carmen,

Thank you for your kind words! I am truly glad you are doing so well.   To be honest, the letter reads like an advert – thank you so much for being this enthusiastic! This is what I practice dietetics for: showing other people the truth behind weight loss and getting back to the passion and sexiness of food – whilst making it healthy! It’s so rewarding when someone like you gives it a real try without all of the old preconceived ideas about ‘starting a diet’ preventing you from doing it properly!

With regards your husband, unfortunately he will probably lose faster than you will..the sad fact is that men generally lose quicker than us women! Nevertheless, this ‘Type 2 Diabetic Diet’ is a great preventor for many lifestyle diseases and so eating this way in the long-term can only be a good thing; especially when you are enjoying yourself too!

Just a word of caution about eating out. Although there are many yummy recipes to choose from and eating at home all of the time can now be very rewarding, please remember that eating out once in a while is a very good thing and shouldn’t be avoided. This is a lifestyle and as such will accommodate the occasional ‘fatty’ meal out without compromising your health or weight loss attempts at all. In fact, once you’ve established that the diet is effective for you (without any other complications slowing down your losses that we would still need to investigate and sort out), I actually recommend a really fatty meal once per week! For more info on this, watch the site as it grows – I will be placing more and more content as time goes by.

Best wishes, and all the best for a lovely, slim 2011!

Tabitha Hume

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