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Exposing the relationship between women, food and depression

Why do so many women experience a love/hate relationship with food? How does the relaxed hostess, provider, mother and career woman juggle these roles with the relentless pressure from society to have the perfect body?

It is little wonder that many women feel themselves losing control of their weight and their lives. Supposed aid from the billion-dollar diet industry does more than drain the pockets; it also drains the mental health of countless women, who find themselves drawn into a vicious spiral of starvation and increasing weight gain.

Here is a book that explodes the myths, once and for all, and reveals the shocking connection between calorie cutting and clinical depression.

In women and Food, the latest dietetic research is backed up by irrefutable psychiatric evidence tat will banish for ever the guilt and anguish of the serial dieter.

  • Discover what dieting really does to your body.
  • Learn the truths about ‘comfort-eating’, cravings, bingeing, dysfunctional eating, anorexia and bulimia.
  • Learn how dieting creates chemical abnormalities in the body’s metabolic function, and how the brain chemical serotonin’s function is linked to carbohydrates.
  • Discover the danger of ignoring your body’s signals.
  • Take back control of your life, and
  • Set your tastebuds free!

Tabitha’s Women & Food book will be available for purchase in PDF format in the next few weeks from her shop.

To put your name down on the waiting list e-mail Janine at and she will notify you that the book is in Tabitha’s shop for purchase.

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