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Hello Tabitha!
If I will eat after 3 hours..and only carbohydrates..and so much,what I want.. I lose weight from it? If yes, so I am be most happy..Thank you for your answer! Can I be after this diet a skinny, how I want? And how I have know,when add fat to my food? And last question for you.. Over what time period will see the first results? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Hello again! You can eat carbohydrates three times per day; make sure they are from the low GI section of the list. If you only eat carbohydrates every 3 hours, you won’t get fat, no, but you may forget the other very important parts of the diet: fresh fruits, fat free dairy products, vegetables, salads and lean proteins. Remember that any dietary regime needs to provide all essential components, otherwise its dangerous. So, careful not to get too excited about eating lots of carbohydrates and then end up with an unbalanced diet that’s just as dangerous!

Good luck and have fun!


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