Your Membership Home Page

Hi and welcome! This is where all “X People” unite, get together, find support and learn from each other. Building this membership site has been a very important endeavour for me as I have identified two things you’ll need as you progress on your path to making healthy and slimming nutritional goals a practical reality.

These are knowledge and support. This is where you’ll find both. My aim is that after some time, this website and our interactive experience will serve to empower you enough to navigate through supermarkets, restaurants and everyday life with the know-how of a dietician and the confidence to make good decisions free of fear or uncertainty.

As you can see, you have your own personal dashboard that takes you to places where you can get what you want, when you want it, when you need it, and not need to be a computer techie to do so! And if there’s anything you can suggest to improve your learning experience, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

And, this is exclusively for X Members. And it is built on these two pillars: support and knowledge.

Here you will find a link and connection to everything that your membership covers. There is an overview below. And please, if you have ANY questions just let us know. We built this site to help you, and would love to hear from you. No question is too small/insignificant or ‘foolish’ to ask. There is NO such thing as a stupid question. This site is NOT only for cyber whizzes. We want it to be for people who have never surfed the internet before, so please help us make it easy for you…