Loose Body Fat, Cook fat Free and Have a Blast

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Why is it that people dieting on starvation rations so often just cannot shift the extra fat, while some people who eat like horses, stay thin?

The answer hit clinical dietician, Tabitha Hume like a bolt from the blue: sugar is not the enemy…fat is. Sugar doesn’t make you fat…fat does.

The way to banish fat, and it’s many associated health problems, Tabitha realised, was to kickstart a sluggish metabolism by radically increasing one’s intake of carbohydrates…even including those sugary foods traditionally frowned upon by health experts!

The X-Diet shows you how rev up your metabolism by feasting on delicious energy giving foods, and how to eliminate fats from the diet without ever feeling deprived. Not only does this revolutionary lifestyle eating plan rapidly melt away and unsightly fat , it also:

  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Provides relief from gout, headaches, chronic spastic colon and indigestion
  • Provides boundless energy and banishes mid-afternoon fatigue
  • Prevents low blood sugar

Backed up by cutting edge international medical research, Tabitha’s X Diet explains fat loss and carbohydrate metabolism in the simple and entertaining way, reflecting her passion for food, flavour and the delight of the varied and sensuous diet.

It has many fat free recipes, tips for cooking and eating fat free and informative question-and-answer sections and real-life patient histories

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