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Hi Tabitha,

I am a 33 year old female, 1.56m tall and weigh about 56kgs. I read the X-diet in 2001 and have always been a fan ever since. I use the X-Diet as a rule of thumb – probablay 90% of the time, but seem to be “cheating” too much when I eat out, or maybe I’m not having the right amount of Low vs High GI carbs and have unsightly “pockets” of fat on my back, arms, and the muffin top, despite daily weight training to target these areas, which I’m sure I could lose with some guidance from you. Also, some of the fat free products I loved the most have been taken off the market and I can’t find substitutes for them, which makes me feel deprived.

I wouldn’t say I’m overweight, but definitely need to burn quite a bit of fat off my body and reduce my fat percentage. Also, I used to run 4 times a week (got up to half marathons) and spin 3 times a week until an injury put me out of action in May 2010 – this has, of course, made it even more important for me to watch what I eat.

In a nutshell, I’m very keen to pay and do the long distance e-mail consultation option with you as I live in Durban, but am concerned as to how you would measure body fat percentage, for example, in order to measure and assess progress. In other words, is the long distance option effective?

Hi there and thanks for the great words! I’m glad it’s working for you, too. No, you do not sound overweight at all….well done!!

The three things I can pick up in your message are: you may not be eating enough low GI carbs and too many high GI carbs. Check the GI list when the membership site is up and running (should be within the next few weeks). The next thing, is that we accumulate extra fat primarily on the back and waist area if we produce too much cortisol. This can be as a result of anxiety or depression which is undiagnosed (again, check the membership site for a questionnaire on this). Lastly, you may find that your exercise regimen is too monotonous! If you do the same thing for a long time, your body gets used to it and has adapted to it, and so will not need to change or adjust anything in your body. You may need to rethink another type of exercise (unfortunately one that doesn’t feel quite as easy as what you’ve been doing!).

With regards the long-distance consultations, yes, it does work. But the onus lies on you to keep up the consultations…if you keep checking in regularly, then I can monitor you properly. I actually don’t even do the fat percentage measurement much any more! This is because the machine is very dependent on ambient temperature, air pressure etc, as well as the amount of water inside our bodies at any given time. The variation is too great. The best way is to just check in on your weight every month, but most importantly, take your waist, hip and arm measurements each week and generally it depends on how you feel in your clothes! See how you feel about it, and then maybe I’ll chat to you soon!



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