Is this a dangerous diet ?

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I thought that a very low fat diet is dangerous because it cuts out all of the ‘good’ fats, too and that can cause problems?

This is a great question, because it is one of the biggest criticisms I receive regarding the diet. However, I wish people would ask before they comment! A completely fat-free diet is very dangerous. As you say, we need adequate amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, in order for the body to operate optimally. In my diet guidelines, it is imperative that these omega fats are included in supplemental form. The current recommendation is to include 2% of total calorie intake as essential fats in the diet. This amounts to about 4g of total fats to be derived from essential fats, and with this diet already including approximately 8g total fat (even though we cut out most visible fats completely!), it is Prudent to advise that we include 1g omega 3 fats.

It’s interesting to note that most people on a low fat diet (not very low fat like this one) are usually completely deficient in omega 3 fats anyway, so in fact, this is including more essential fats than usually included in a ‘normal’ diet!

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  1. Tabitha Hume says:

    In an overall sense, you are absolutely right. Completely cutting out all fats is dangerous because then we consume no ‘Essential fatty acids”. These are otherwise known as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Now, you will notice that one of the biggest messages in my books are that you unequivocally MUST take a daily dose of salmon oil and evening primrose oil. The current belief (although no actual levels have yet been specified) is that we require 2-3% of our total daily calories as essential fats, in a ratio of about 4 : 1. This roughly translates for the average person to about 4000mg evening primrose oil, and 1000mg salmon oil. People with insulin resistance, diabetes, overweight, hypercholesterolaemia (especially hypertriglyceridaemia), inflammatory disorders and infertility require this amount PLUS additional doses to act therapeutically to ‘rectify’ a certain problem. However, a diet without these special fats will not only be dangerous in the long-term, but also make you lose fat MUCH MORE SLOWLY!! Best you get your omega’s and ensure that you are taking enough!!

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