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This looks amazing…can dieting really be this fun?!

Oooohhh yes!!

In fact, you’ll find many ‘nutritionists’ handing out diets telling you to eat this much protein and that much carbohydrate etc., but a registered dietician’s job is not only to work out the scientific stuff for you, but also to make it a proper lifestyle. I have analysed exactly what things make people stop eating plans, and have tackled pretty much all of the problems. The result? A low-fat, low GI eating plan that not only looks indulgent and fun, but actually shatters the old-fashioned rules that make traditional diets so impossible to stick to.

Please remember that the word diet has only ever become a 4-letter word by victims of unregistered diet ‘gurus’. People who are after a quick buck by offering quick loss, regardless of the emotional or physical consequences. These diets are restrictive, bland and boring. And mostly, they were not designed to be a long-term solution. They were designed to satisfy an immediate gratification need, and this usually guarantees repeated failure and thus returns to the expensive ‘guru’!

Diet is a way of eating that feeds your body, mind and soul. I make sure the taste buds and soul are very happy with this food! Bring on the gravy!

Eat like you did when you were eight, I say. Have fun, make noises while you eat and look forward to every meal!


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