Flaxseed vs Omega 3 to 6

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I was told by my health shop owner that I could take Flaxseed oil to give me omega 3 and 6 oils, but you say I should rather take the salmon oil and evening primrose oils. Why is that?

The answer is a very long and involved one. However, in short, Flaxseed contains the precursor to the omega oils that we need. It is thought that the enzyme (delta-6-desaturase) that turns Flaxseed oil into the ‘active’ omega oils that our bodies can use, becomes less and less active as we get older, experience stress, do less exercise and gain fat, amongst other things. The result? You could be taking all the potential special oils, but none of them are being converted into the active stuff that we need… Still an open topic, but looks like the pre-activated evening primrose oil (omega 6) and salmon oil (omega 3) are the easiest for our bodies to use, and pretty much guarantee results.

Please also be careful of some health shop owners..not all of them have clinical training to prescribe or answer dietetic questions…rather ask your pharmacist/dietician/doctor for the answers to nitty gritty questions like this!

Include those golden drops every day!



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  1. Tabitha Hume says:

    The problem is understanding the nitty gritty. You see, Flaxseed oil contains the precursors to the actual ‘active’ oils that do the job (these are called EPA, DHA and LA).

    So, when you take the Flaxseed oil, it goes into the body, and has to be broken down by a little enzyme and as such, activated to become these 3 ‘active’ fatty acids that can actually do the job. This little enzyme is called delta-6-desaturase and has been shown to decrease its activity in people with: stress, inactivity, a diet high in high GI carbs, a diet high in fats, smokers, people who drink alcohol regularly and who are inflammatory (any form of arthritis/allergies/cardiovascular disorders). You’ll notice that this list pretty much refers to most adults these days! So, Flaxseed will be activated by this little desaturase chappie only by babies, very relaxed cats or people who live in the outer Hebrides singing to their goats and baking bread all day. The rest of us need pre-activated omegas, which can conveniently be found in salmon oil and evening primrose oil.

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