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If fitness can be described as your body’s ability to store oxygen in your blood (VO2max), then are there any foods that we can eat that will enhance that process?

Hi fitness fanatic!

It is a little simplified to narrow the concept of fitness down to the amount of oxygen your body is able to store. Besides, you are correct that as we get fitter, the body is able to carry more oxygen in the blood, but also fitness refers to the body’s ability to utilise oxygen more efficiently as well, and this has little to do with the food we eat.

With regards the blood however, it would be great to eat a diet that supports good haemoglobin production in the blood (the component that carries the oxygen to and from cells). This would entail including sufficient iron in the diet, in the form of red meat (lean, if you are wanting to keep body fat down), chicken, fish, and eggs (unless you are wanting to lose fat, in which case eggs are a little fatty). Also, ensuring that tea is not drunk for two hours prior or post ingesting these iron-rich foods, because tea prevents the absorption of iron.

The current trend postulating that oxygen can be incorporated into the cells by eating it (in supplement or food form) is very flimsy in terms of research, and, as yet, mainstream medicine does not recognise this as an effective method of increasing fitness. In fact, it appears that it may even be oxidative (cause inflammation and increase damage to the body in a small way).

I hope that helps!

The best advice: keep exercising regularly and eat before and after all exercise to maintain a good supply of nutrients that your body can use to get fit and to repair quickly.

Keep breathing!


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