The January Q&A Session

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Welcome to the first Q&A podcast of 2011. In this kick off podcast we start with four questions that Tabitha diggs into in great detail.

To listen please just click on the play button in the above podcast.

The four questions that Tabitha looks at

  1. I heard good fats actually help you lose weight.
  2. Are sweeteners better for weight loss?
  3. I’ve read that you shouldn’t eat carbs after 4 in the afternoon if you want to lose weight.
  4. The more carbs you eat the more carbs you’ll crave.

Of course every month we will be looking at more question in just as much detail so please do not hesitate to include your question in the form in the sidebar to your right.

Dieting can be fun …

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It is possible to really enjoy your food. The myth that a diet is a sacrifice or personal road to hell is misleading. It does not have to be like this at all.

In this Podcast Tabitha Hume, author of the X Diet talk about what inspires her and why she is so determined to make dieting a fun word.

What is Syndrome X

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In this Podcast Tabitha Hume, author of the X Diet talks about Syndrome X and what it means to you.

As Tabitha explains, many of the disorders within Syndrome X were traditionally treated as a separate and independent disorders. Yet the breakthrough of Syndrome X led to a more holistic – and fun – way of dealing with the underlying issues. Tabitha introduced South Africa to the concept of Syndrome X and focuses in the dietetic treatment of the following: Read more

About The X Diet

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Life without passion can be pretty boring. In this Podcast Tabitha Hume, author of the X Diet talk about the inspiration behind the diet and what it means.

She outlines why she is so excited about what she does and the success she has in her practice. Fortunately she had a time limit otherwise this podcast would be 20 minutes instead of 3.17 minutes. Read more