Are sugar and sweets bad?

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I’d really like to start following this diet as it looks like such fun, but I’ve always been told to stay away from sugar and sweets because they are fattening. How can I eat lots of jelly tots and still get thin?

Ha! So you’ve been told by the ‘diet guru’s’ that tantalising your tastebuds can only lead to disease?!

Not at all. If you eat only jelly tots and sugar all day to the detriment of everything else, then you probably will get a disease, yes!

However, adding sugar and sweets to an already balanced, low-fat and low GI diet can only be fun and do no harm.

The secret lies in understanding the GI. Sugar and sweets (most sweets are made from sucrose) have a Medium GI. This means that if you consume moderate amounts of sugar and sweets with a healthy diet, then your blood sugar levels remain fairly constant and stable.

Eating sugar does not make you fat… long and complicated story, but when you understand it completely, it’s rather hilarious that we’ve been led to believe this all these years!

A little sweet does a lot of good!



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  1. Tabitha Hume says:

    The answer comes from knowledge. In the old days, we saw people eating a lot of sweet things and getting fat, so it made sense to say that sweets and sugar make you fat. However, there are three things that are being missed here: Firstly, the sweet things that those fatter people tucked into were laden with fats, too (think cakes, chocolates). Secondly, food (thank heavans!) has become a topic of scientific research, rather than just a whole load of old wive’s rumours and hearsay being gospel! And this research now shows us that sugar doesn’t make you fat! Sugar cannot be converted to fats without some serious overload in the liver (and you’d really need to eat a lot of sugar for that to happen!). Also, sucrose (what cane sugar is called by the white-coats) is a moderate GI (it releases its component glucoses into the blood fairly slowly, and so doesn’t spike insulin levels – as previously believed. As a result, sugar and sugarey foods can be eaten in moderate amounts (for instance, 1 sugar in your tea, 2 tsp sugar in your cereal), and this cannot cause fat gain. Included in the diet, sugar can not only make the diet easier to follow because the food is much nicer, but also makes ‘tricky foods’ easier to eat (for instance, many kids prefer not to eat vegetables, but cooked peas with a little sugar and chopped mint on them makes anybody want to wolf down loads!).
    So, can you eat jelly tots and still get thinner? Yes, if you take them sometimes, and strictly WITH or AFTER a low GI meal or intense exercise. However, if you hoover down 3 packets of jelly tots per day, then you won’t get fat. But you won’t get thin either. I always say, keep those jelly tots for the days when you would have gone for a chocolate; you know, when your boss has given you a hard time, or the kids are driving you crazy, or, in women, just before that time of the month. Sometimes we have to listen to a craving, and instead of having a chocolate which will actually undo all of your hard work losing weight, you can have a packet of jelly sweeties, and just stay the same for that day. That’s OK! We all have ‘blipses’. And if you learn that these blipses won’t HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT, but certainly WON’T ACTUALLY MAKE YOU FAT, then it all seems a little easier to know where we can be ‘naughty’ and still remain ‘nice’!
    Everything in moderation, then fat loss is easy to achieve and also to maintain for ever!

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